What is Corporate Video Production & Why Do We Need It For Our Business

Tuesday, 23 08 2022

Corporate videos have become an effective tool for companies to reach and engage their target audience.  A beautifully crafted corporate video creates the best impression on clients by showing the company profile along with the services and products.

Here is all you need to know about corporate video production and how it impacts business success.

What is corporate video production, and why do we need it?

Corporate video production involves businesses creating videos for either internal (recruitment drive, training, and onboarding) or external (product demo, case studies, ads, and more) use. An agency or an in-house videographer produces the videos. 

Corporate video production allows businesses to communicate directly with their clients and customers in a fascinating manner. 

Unlike the traditional methods of communication like newspaper articles, Tv ads, and prints, business video production is more effective in delivering the brand’s story to the target audience. Clients tend to remember messages delivered through corporate video production compared to other media.

How do I identify the best corporate video production company in Melbourne?

Choosing a commercial video production company in Melbourne is a daunting task. While every other company can promise to create you a corporate video, not all of them come with top-quality videos, editing, script writing, or marketing. 

The best way to identify the ideal Melbourne video production company is by looking into its portfolio on the company’s official website. The samples allow you to establish whether the videos are attractive, engaging, and professional. You can also understand if they match your concept.

Consider factors like the production team, the process of delivery, and the lines of communication when choosing the video production company. 

What are the types of corporate video production?

Corporate video production can come in a wide range of formats. Some of the common include;

  • Marketing 

Also known as commercials/ads, marketing videos are the most common type of corporate video production. While the company can design them primarily as a marketing tool, the end goal is always to sell a product or service. 

  • Testimonials & case studies 

It tends to contain compelling success stories from previous clients. The videos tend to be in a longer format, 2 to 3 minutes or more. 

  • Product launches/promos/demos 

These types of videos are all about showing the company’s products in action. 

  • Business story 

These videos show the company’s growth and values to build more trust with clients.

  • Social media 

These are videos the company produces for its social media pages. 

What is animated corporate video production?

Animated corporate videos are one of the leading best practices in sales and marketing. It allows for the presentation of video messages in a simple and stylized medium for ease of communication. 

Animated video production is popular with clients as it enhances connection on an emotional level and presents complex information in easy to understand format. The videos incorporate storytelling and entertainment hence empowering the sales pitch. 

Partner with a top animated studio to create compelling animated corporate videos to boost your marketing efforts on social media and the web.

What is the importance of corporate video production?

Corporate video production comes with several benefits to your business. Other than effectively reaching the target audience, you benefit from the continuous growth of your website and company. With Google ranking favoring video content, you will rank higher when you incorporate videos in your content. 

Video content also helps in conversion. Video marketing is more memorable and hence works best for brand awareness. Video content is also more appealing, keeps viewers more engaged, and is preferable to text.

Where can I find a professional video production company?

There are several ways to land professional video production companies that match your company profile. The first step is to search online for professional corporate videographers near me. Look for top-ranking companies as they tend to have superior quality. You can also ask for referrals from some of the corporate videos you like. 

You can also contact us at Big & Small Video Productions and let’s discuss your video needs.

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