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360° School Virtual Tours
Our school virtual tours are more important than ever in the current climate. We can give your students a comprehensive showcase of your school's facilities any time of day or night.
360° Virtual Art Exhibitions
Virtual art exhibitions allow audiences worldwide to connect with and enjoy the exhibition online. Featuring easy-to-navigate floor hotspots and clickable artworks with a pop-up info window and photo / video galleries.
360° Land Development
Ideal for new developments, we can capture your land from overhead via a drone 360, then incorporate visual hotspots highlighting new shopping centres, schools, community hubs, residential areas and more.

Examples of our 360 Virtual Tours

Damacus College
360 School Virtual Tour
Loreto College Ballarat
360 School Virtual Tour
Loreto College Marryatville
360 School Virtual Tour
Damacus College
360 School Virtual Art Exhibition

360 Virtual Tour Studio Melbourne


360 Virtual Tours or Virtual Spaces allow your audience & potential customers to experience a location without physically being there. This allows them to have an interactive preview of your location, venue or event 24/7.

Our tours can feature videos, hotspots, floor plans, clickable points of interest, pop-ups, drone 360’s and more!

In stunning 8k+ resolution – our tours are optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop – making them the premium choice for your virtual tour needs.