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Testimonial Commercials
Testimonials are a cost-effective way to build credibility. By hearing from real customers, Testimonial videos create an instant connection with TV viewers.
Community Service Announcements
CSA's are a very effective tool to communicate community-themed messages to a wide audience. Ideal for charities & not-for-profit organisations.
Direct Response Campaigns
DRTV Campaigns are perfect when an instant outcome such as a purchase or generation of a lead is required immediately following the commercial.
Branding Advertising
This type of commercial is aimed at increasing brand awareness and exposure. TV is the ideal format to communicate your brand messages to a mass audience.
Cinema Advertisements
Who doesn’t remember at least one pre-movie advertisement they grew up with? Reach a wide audience with a video they can’t skip, pause or ignore.
Instagram & Facebook Videos
Video is becoming increasingly popular on these platforms, as businesses make the most of the cost-effective way of increasing engagement levels with eye-catching, genuine short videos.
Instagram & Facebook Stories
Video Stories provide a rare opportunity for native advertising; reach your customers with authentic content they’ll connect with.
YouTube Videos
Great for SEO, YouTube is the perfect platform for your longer form videos like corporate documentaries and instructional videos.
LinkedIn Videos
The best platform for B2B marketing, sharing videos on LinkedIn is an effective way to raise your profile and reputation in your industry while getting your message across to the right audience

Examples of our work:

Prime Super
Brand Cinema Ad
Brand TV Commercial
Loreto College Ballarat
TV Commercial
RMH Home Lottery
TV Commercial
CMV Group
Apprentice TVC
Flooring Xtra
Spring TVC
Transport Safety Victoria
TV Commercial
Disability, Sports & Rec
Passport to Play TVC

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you manage classification and distribution of TVCs?
    Yes - we work with CAD to get your TVC classified, and use Adstream to deliver your TVC to the right networks.
  • Can you help us get our Ads on TV?
    We partner with a number of media buying agencies, and can point you in the right direction when it comes to getting your TVC in front of the right people. Get in touch today
  • Isn't TV Advertising dead?
    No! In fact now is actually the best time to think about TV advertising. The costs to advertise have dropped and the potential ROI still make TV advertising a very promising medium. Furthermore, your completed TV commercial can also be used on social channels making the most of your investment

New To TV, Cinema or Social? Here’s How It Works



Concepting and Planning

We’ll learn about your needs and work closely with you to plan the best format for your video based on which platforms will be used for distribution, your brand and your message.




This is where we prepare everything for filming - we’ll write the script, prepare a schedule, book in cast and crew, plan wardrobe, scout and book locations, and arrange any required permits.




Filming! This is where all that planning comes together. We encourage you to be on site during filming to ensure all messages and visuals are being captured to your liking.



Post-Production & Delivery

The final stage, where we edit the footage and get it looking slick with colour correction and any motion graphics, music and voice over required. The final product is then delivered!