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Training Videos
Training Videos are a cost effective alternative to one-on-one training, and can be used to educate staff on important information, processes and policies.
Demonstration Videos
Show off your product and highlight its unique features in action with a Demonstration Video, great for social media, your website and even events.
Instructional Videos
Guide your customers through setting up and using your product, whether it’s an app, website, software or retail product.
Induction Videos
A cost-effective, efficient method of introducing both staff and visitors to your worksite, classroom or organisation, educating them on important information, processes and policies.
Health and Safety Videos
Via our training video production service we can help you keep your staff safe and healthy, and your organisation compliant with a Health and Safety Training Video.
Educational Animations
Break free from limitations and implement animation for your educational animations. As a leading Melbourne video production company, we can create engaging, informative and watchable educational animations catering to a wide audience.

Examples of our work:

Agriculture Victoria
DNA Metabarcoding Educational
Energy Safe Victoria
Solar Safety Social Campaign
Unconscious Bias Explainer
Cooker's Oil
Instructional video
Energy Safe Victoria
Safety Switch Testing
Scandia Heating
Instructional Motion Graphics
Maxi Cosi - Mico Plus Installation
Peninsula Health
Staff Training Animation
Monash University
Pathology Training Series
Product Sales Demo
Avantua Pharmaceuticals
Rapid Test Instructional
Financial Ombudsman
Development Training

Training & Educational Video Production Melbourne


The most reliable source of information for your audience is you. Research shows that the majority of people would much rather watch a video than read a detailed complex block of written information. So, why not via our training video production or educational video production service provide your audience with a Training or Educational Video? We know as a leading Melbourne video production company that video is the best way to achieve a consistent, cost-effective and engaging educational resource for your audience.

Our team behind the training video production service and educational video production service are vastly experienced with turning complex instructions and demonstrations into clear, concise and widely accessible educational content. We will listen to you, understand your needs, and come up with the best way to make the most of the audio-visual options offered by video. This could include an animation with voice over, a presenter video with supporting motion graphics, a talking-head documentary style video, as well as any number of other options and combinations.