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Animated Explainer Videos
Perfect for introducing and promoting a company, product, service or program. Increase leads, customer sign ups, conversion rates & website retention.
Corporate Animation
Present business ideas, facts and figures through corporate animation. Engage with your audience with a compelling visual presentation they won't forget!
OH&S, Safety & Training
Reach your audience in new ways by using animation to train your staff. Perfect for complex induction videos, OH&S, Safety practices, company processes and more.
Educational Animations
Animation is engaging & dynamic, making it ideal for educating mass audiences. Complex messages can be simplified and explained for all levels of understanding.
Motion Graphics
Motion graphics incorporate elements such as dynamic movement, kinetic text and visually appealing design to establish and reinforce key messages.
Whiteboard & Stick Figure
A fun and entertaining format to inform and educate audiences. By implementing humour and personality they allow you to connect with a wider audience.
Character Animations
Mass audiences connect and identify with animated characters universally, regardless of age or gender. Build your audience with animated episodes.
HR & Recruitment
Introduce new staff and prospective employees to your business, its structure, expectations, culture & more with a high-impact animation. Beats powerpoint!
App Launch & Walkthroughs
Launch your new app with a promotional animation explaining its features with supporting animated walkthroughs to show its functionality and how it works.

Examples of our animation & motion graphics videos:

Coloplast Care Direct
Website Launch Video
Royal Melbourne Hospital
Health & Wellbeing Animation
Energy Safe Victoria
Line Clearance Animation
Coles Partnership Thank You
Fair Work Ombudsman
App Launch Explainer
SMS Solutions
COVID App Launch Animation
Rapid Retail Response
Animated Business Explainers
Tool Technic
Silica Risk Awareness Animation
Peninsula Health
Health & Safety Animation
Agriculture Victoria
Biosecurity Motion Graphics
COVID-19 Animation
Golden Plains Shire Council
Community Announcement
Deepcore Drilling
Team Building & Safety Culture
Fitness Australia
Animated Explainer
Tutti Frutti
Digital Signage
Spydus Product Animation
Hobsons Bay Council
Council Awareness Animation
Explainer Series
Beer Box
Startup Launch
Juries Victoria
Orientation Video
Australian Institute of Sport
Act Matrix Explainer
Unconscious Bias Explainer
Explainer Series
Mobile Plan Launch
Animated Explainer
National Property Buyers
Product Explainer
County Court of Victoria
Video Conferencing Etiquette
efm Logistics
Market Analysis Explainer

Case Study

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does animation cost?
    There are many variables with animation including the length, complexity of the animation, styling, duration, sound design and voice over requirements just to name a few. Each project is different and certain elements like having the characters speaking for instance adds additional cost and complexity. Most animation projects we produce start at $2500+GST and go up from there depending on the above variables. Get in touch with a friendly member of our team who will learn about your requirements and can discuss what you want to achieve and the communication problem you want to solve. We will then tailor a customised quote and creative outline that works best for you.
  • We’re new to animation, is it a difficult process?
    In some ways, animation can be easier than video. While there are a few more approval stages involved, animation allows us to have extreme control over everything from scripting, to the design of the animation style and any characters, as well as what they do and how they interact on-screen. We also have a tried and tested step by step process which guarantees you will love the final outcome. No surprises whatsoever! Get in touch to learn more, or look at our processes below to see how it all works.
  • What if we need to update the animation down the track?
    If there’s one thing about animation - its the simplicity of updating it down the track. Video can sometimes be hard and expensive to update especially if it involves re-filming content or getting actors back in the studio. We maintain multiple copies and backups of your project on and off-site, so it’s a simple case of us reinstating the project and making any changes - whether it be to the visuals, the voice over or more. Easy!
  • Do you offer translation, transcription and/or subtitles for animations?
    We’ve produced animations for companies across the globe, including projects that required both language translations and subtitles. While we don’t do the translations ourselves, we have trusted partners who can help out with this once the script has been completed. Similarly we have professional transcription agencies we utilise to achieve a perfect transcription. We then have multiple options when it comes to subtitling - including adding the subtitles permanently into the video (hardcoding) or supplying an SRT file which can be loaded alongside the final animation into youtube, vimeo, wistia and many internal video hosting solutions. This is called closed captioning, and is generally the better way to go (although not always!). We can discuss this further with you and recommend a solution based on your exact needs.
  • Our project is highly sensitive and/or confidential, what steps do you take to ensure confidentiality?
    We’ve worked on many such projects and are more than happy to sign any NDA’s or agreements to ensure your sensitive information is protected. In fact, we treat every project as sensitive by default. Our offices and servers are highly secure, your data is backed up safely and all our staff have employment contracts which specify confidentiality is paramount. Your secrets (and projects) are safe with us!

Animation Studio Melbourne


Animation is the perfect way to communicate to a broad audience. Animated videos cater to all learning types and ages – and appeal to the senses though colours, dynamic movement and universal characters that transcend barriers.

The very nature of animated videos means you are not limited to the bounds of reality – there is an unlimited number of creative ways to present information to your audience. In this way, animated videos are a great way to explain and simplify complex themes clearly and consisely. Research shows that the majority of audiences would much rather watch a video than read a detailed complex block of written information, and  animations are the ideal way to break down and simplify this information in an easy-to-digest, universally appealing format.

Another advantage of animation is its ability to convey your message in a memorable and engaging way. Animated videos stick in the viewer’s mind, making it more likely that they will retain the information and take action. Also, animated videos are versatile & can be used across a wide range of platforms and devices like social media, websites, TV and presentations. They can also be translated into multiple languages, making it possible to reach a global audience with your message.

At Big & Small, we have a team of experienced animators who are experts in creating compelling animated videos that deliver your message in a clear and concise manner. We use the latest animation software and techniques to create visually stunning videos that engage and entertain your audience. Whether you need an explainer video, a product demo, or an animated commercial, we have the skills and expertise to bring your project to life. With Big & Small, you can be confident that you are getting the best quality animation services at an affordable price.


New To Animation? Here’s How It Works



Creative & Script

After learning about your needs we develop a creative treatment for your project. Once approved by you we write the script and collaborate with you to finalise the content and messaging.



Conceptual Design

This is where we begin designing and developing the look and the feel of the animation. This includes a number of illustrated frames from the approved script and character designs.




This is where we design and develop the full storyboard, which is one illustrated frame from each unique scene in the animation. This allows full control over the design of the animation so there are no surprises.




The final stage, this is where we combine the approved script, concept, storyboards and animate them with music, sound effects and voice over. The final product is delivered!